Paramhansa Yogananda's timeless wisdom in the form of an Online Course


Are you interested in gaining more understanding of what life is all about ? Would you like to have a greater sense of direction? More inner peace? Deeper insight into who you really are?

Swami Kriyananda spent more than sixty four years as a disciple of the great master Paramhansa Yogananda, serving his mission and helping people to understand the profound and timely message he brought to the people of our times-- who (alas for them) have become steeped in monetary greed and selfishness. In his service to his Guru, he wrote over 140 books and over 400 works of music--including many songs that express his teachings in an easy-to-absorb way, as well as starting nine spiritual communities on three continents.

From the moment Swami Kriyananda touched the soil of his Guru's land this year, on October 27 2012, these lessons had come flowing to him, as if being dictated by the greater Master himself, taking him just about a month to complete them.

In this course of twenty-six lessons, called "Yoga techniques for daily living", he has covered a wide range of topics including:
  • Patanjali's Ashtanga Yoga
  • Yamas and Niyamas
  • Devotion
  • Signs of Spiritual Progress
  • The need of a Guru
  • Cooperating with Grace
  • Dharma
  • Reincarnation
  • The Yugas
  • Magnetism
  • Affirmations
Also included is a companion course of twenty-six lessons also called "Yoga techniques for meditation", which include some of the most sacred and powerful techniques to have been introduced in this age, such as:
  • The Hong-Sau Technique of Concentration
  • The Aum Technique
  • Navi Kriya
  • Maha Mudra
  • Kriya Yoga
The two sets of lessons will be sent out alternately, to make a whole year's course in all. What you will have will be a complete overview of the practical yoga teachings of ancient India along with meditation techniques  and routines. This course caters to the atheist and spiritualist alike, as these teachings are based on scientific techniques, which can be proven in the laboratory of your body and your daily life.

Swami Kriyananda's vision for these lessons:

"I am eager for everyone to read these lessons. They represent the culmination of my 63 years of writing and teaching--a labor my Guru assigned to me. So eager am I to share these lessons, in fact, that I want to send them out on a donation basis so that as many people as possible may receive them. I am also trying, however, to establish Master's work in India. I will be grateful if you, too, are generous with your donations"

"I have no personal interest in sharing the lessons. I have never taken royalties for any of my books or recordings. My whole life has been an offering of joyful service--not only to my Guru, but to all who have received his teachings through me"

-- Swami Kriyananda